What are Strainz NFTs?

Strainz Cardano - NFT Ecosystem

In summary, Strainz is an exciting weed-based NFT project, you can earn passive yield from holding STRAINZ NFTs and breed two together to create further NFTs with the parents' features and DNA. Collect your STRAINZ NFTs, breed them, trade on the marketplace, and yield farm the STRAINZ Token to buy more! 🌱+🌱=🌿

Strainz NFTs

The project revolves around STRAINZ, our main ERC-1155 NFT, BUDZ the Ecosystems ERC-20 Token, and SEEDZ an ERC-20 Token for modifying your STRAINZ NFTs.

Each plant has a unique DNA which translates to a specific appearance. They get built up from different Hats, Faces, Heads, Bodies, Pots, Accessories, and Colors. Over 100.000 combinations are possible as of now, and we’ll add more parts in the future! Exclusively the accessories, like the joint, sunglasses and earrings can be passed on. If two parents have the same accessories, they are inherited by the children.

No two STRAINZ NFTs are the same, and they’re needed for breeding and harvesting STRAINZ Tokens.


From now on, everyone has the possibility to run at least a “digital” weed plantation and harvest their own crypto weed. The long-term goal, however, is that the digitally created values of the Strainz project can be used to purchase real weed. This presupposes that weed is legalized in the corresponding cultivation areas and distribution regions.

We are already in contact with interested growers in the EU to make the dream come true. 🌱😉

Where you can find us

Telegram www.strainz.tech https://twitter.com/StrainZ_NFT

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