Similar to CryptoKitties, you can breed two STRAINZ NFTs together to get a third new STRAINZ NFT, with a different appearance.

For breeding you have to burn STRAINZ Tokens, corresponding to the breeding cost. Each plant has its own breeding cost, which depends on its grow rate.

After breeding, the breeding costs of both parents get more expensive, so it will get more and more difficult to produce new STRAINZ. The child plant will have a grow rate dependent on its parent but reduced by a proportional value (-25%). Therefore, each newly generated plant will have a lower grow rate value than the average of its parents.

You always need to pay the average breeding cost of both parents.

Breeding Cost => (numberOfBreeds + 1) * growrate * 20 This essentially means each plant will generate enough STRAINZ to breed every 20 weeks

To start breeding, select your preferred first parent on your wallet page and click on "Breed":

Next, select your second parent from the breeding list. You can see a preview of the breeding costs which you need to burn.

Click on "Approve" and then on "Breed" and confirm both transactions in Metamask.

Congrats! A new STRAIN is born💪

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